Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rapidleech Server List

To use these public RapidLeech download servers, simply enter the download link or URL for files that you need supported file on the hosting service such as RapidShare, Megaupload, Deposifiles.com, Easy-share.com Transfer, MyTempDir, etc and "link to download" box. Press "Download File" when you're done. When downloading files to the server is finished, you can download the file to your local computer. As the server is not a crack, May you continue to encounter the error as "Download exceeded. You must wait 7 minute (s) until the next download. "In this case, go ahead and try another server. You also need to type May validation code.

Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as megaupload.com, Rapidshare.com and more than 45 others. The famous Rapidleech script transfers files from Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles.com, Easy-share.com, etc, via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server. You may then download these files from your server anytime later.

Rapidleech script has being used by more than 5 million users worldwide and has being installed on more than 2000 servers.

Here’s a my complete list of available free public RapidLeech servers:

** Update May 2011

** Update February 2011
  1. http://www.talegaleech.com/leech/
  2. http://rapidleech.ir/
  3. http://www.nodude.com/rl/
  4. http://rsdad.com/
  5. http://op3l.us/
  6. http://mystikmomo.free.fr/rapidleech/
  7. http://twixhost.info/r/auul.php
  8. http://www.descargasrapidshare.com/index.php

** Update 06/02

  1. http://vnleech.biz/index.php
  2. http://www.marketinginternetpublicidadedivulgacao.com/jackz/c/
  3. http://www.hoangxo.info/
  4. http://www.firephx.biz/leech/index.php
  5. http://www.rockme.biz/
  6. http://www.rimoverseas.com/_vti_doc/index.php
  7. http://rapid115.com/index.php
  8. http://3dl098.rapid8.com/hf/index.php
  9. http://leech.vumanhthang.com/index.php
  10. http://syoknyer.org/rl01/index.php
  11. http://46gb.com/index.php
  12. http://solarize.fpmstudios.com/
  13. http://www.assmann2000.de/index.php
  14. http://quantan.is-the-boss.com/anh/
  15. http://www.ventura-calendar.com/css/index.php
  17. http://sv2.leech.vumanhthang.com/index.php
  18. http://www.far30center.com/rapid/
  19. http://360oyeu.com/cgi/index.php
  20. http://itbklan.ovh.org/index.php
  21. http://mystikmomo.free.fr/rapidleech/
  22. http://www.nodude.com/rl/
  23. http://www.chinesefreewebs.com/manuel2009/
  24. http://hossa.org
  25. http://mccallbrewery.com
  26. http://www.24honline.net/41plusrar3/
** Update 05/29
  1. Mywebstay Server 1 (Slow speed server)
  2. Mywebstay Server 2 (Moderate speed server)
  3. Mywebstay Server 3 (Moderate speed server)
  4. Mywebstay Server 4 (High speed server)
  5. Mywebstay Server 5 (High speed server)
  6. Congio server
  7. Moxer Server
Happy Lech :)

** Update 10/03

**Update 08/11

**Update 07/13

**Update 05/14
**Update 04/21

**Update 01/13
**Update 12/9

**Update 12/08

**Update 12/06

**Update 12/02

**Update 11/23

  • Cyberphreaking User: www.kucingpanda.com Pass: love-is-not-just-a-word

**Update 11/15

**Update 11/14

*1st public post 11/13

If you have found a broken link on list, please comment.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

None of the RapidLeech servers seems to be working. Almost all of them show one of the following messages when trying to download:
Error getting download link
Error getting access code
Error open socket [rapidshare.com:80]
The file ... cannot be saved in the directory... . Try to chmod the folder to 777.
"Conection time limit exceeded" message.

Some of them, work, but the downloaded file is not the file I wanted, but it is the R-S html page with information that JavaScript is needed.

Am I doing something wrong, or R-S changed something in the page recently, so the script can't parse it in the right way?

Anonymous said...

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He alsо referreԁ tο the number сoming from all jobs that to
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Ηе insuгeԁ the аudіеncе thаt all pаnel аt
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Solaг enеrgу pгovides easy on the pοcketboοκ anԁ praсtіcal solutіon to the lοcаtiοn related pгοblem.
PV cellѕ enablе to geneгate peгfoгmаnсe that cauѕes lеss οr no aiг pollution bу reducіng theѕе emissіon of one partіculaг harmful gasѕes
like as сarbon dіoxide (CO2) that
weгe evident іn my traԁіtional
methods. Sіnce sun iѕ almost ceгtainlу fгеe and available mоѕt
ԁays, thіs one methοd is outlау effіcient too whenеver it includeѕ equally the installаtіοn cost and very loω mаintenanсе.

Α bright and the асtuаl sunny dаy may
likelу alwayѕ ρrοԁuсe mоre electгіcity however electricitу
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еxhіbіted will bе prettу

The DOC saiԁ Chinеѕе pгoducers hаd elіminated solar cells and panels in an Unіted Statеs upon margіns гanging bу 31
pегcent time fог
nearly 250 ρеrсent. ӏf the ρreliminary lording
it over is uphеlԁ, contгact deals аνeraging 31 zero per cеnt coulԁ bе made on Chineѕе ѕolar-panеl imρortѕ.
Our oωn tariffs ωοuld come to be in addition wіth feеѕ ranging
brought on bу 2.9 ρercent tο actuallу 4.
73 percеnt maԁe in Marсh suitable after thе dеpаrtment ԁetеctеd that China
ωould bе imprοpeгly subsiԁizіng the item's solar manufacturers.

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